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The Integrity of Tim Woodard

July 15, 2018
When it comes to attorneys, they often have a bad reputation. From jokes even as far back as Shakespeare, it can be seen that there is a history of bad blood between attorneys and those that need to utilize them. My belief is that this comes about from a rooted dislike for black and white issues which is basically the law. The law is determined by what it says, not a case by case basis and people can repulse from that kind of environment.

Tim Woodard, as a mediator working with attorneys, has a code of three things that he demands from himself: integrity, loyalty and consistency. While he is not perfect, he gives himself a standard to always strive for. He understands that attorneys are often looked at as the enemy and works hard to change that perspective for his clients.

He lives out his life with a belief in second chances and redemption. In addition to his career, Tim Woodard also enjoys the time he gets to spend at church, reading or meeting new people. He also likes to take time to reflect and be outdoors while traveling, hiking, and fishing. He believes that with balance, one can become a whole and happy person. His free time also includes watching football and basketball. He makes sure to let people know he is an avid fan of the University of Tennessee and Notre Dame.